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Knowledge Centre Subject Index

The maps themselves

Subject Description
How to read a trench map How the British map references work
Map references How well or accurately were map references recorded during the war. Can they be relied upon?
The map collection A description of the varied types, styles and scales of maps available
Map Survey accuracy A study of the planimetry or geometry of Great War maps
Maps and GPS A comparison of expected and actual accuracy of GPS location when used with Great War maps
Map Scales & Legend Pages of Map Legends or Conventional Signs of British, German, French and Turkish maps
Map Dates The problem with dates on the map collection, how some are missing and how some may be misleading
History of British mapping Where it started in 1914 and where it finished in 1918
Aerial Photography History of Aerial Photography and photographic interpretation by Tim Slater in 4 parts
Abbreviations used on French maps Abbreviations extracted from AWM2023.9.36.pdf below
AWM2023.9.36.pdf Short vocabulary of French Words and Phrases with English Pronunciation. Note on French Measures.

Special Collections

Subject Description
Gen. Haig's Maps A set of artillery and tactical maps from the collection of General Sir Douglas Haig
Turkish Maps The very detailed Şevki Paşa Post Evacuation maps of Gallipoli
Body Density Maps Maps showing cemeteries and the work of Sir Herbert Ellissen and Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Albert Messer

Wider information

Subject Description
Family history How to use the information on this site for Family Historians
LiDAR LiDAR, a means to see the shape of the land
Crop marks Some remnants of the Great War show at some times of the year as marks in the crops.


Subject Description
Extras Downloads, articles and more
Great War booklets Original booklets and instructional documents on a range a subjects including mapping

General information

Subject Description
About the project How the project started
Using the site Help to use the site's features and tools
Frequently Asked Questions Help with normal use of the site
Copyright How the maps can and cannot be used and copied
Great War documents A collection of pamphlets and documents in the public domain collected from the Australian War Memorial and other sources.





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