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Downloadable items


Purpose written documents

How to read a trench map:- PDF version.

Great War map grid, 1:40,000 sheets for Google Earth:- KMZ version. An unadjusted version to be used as a guide only.

Great War map grid, 1:10,000 sheets for Google Earth:- KMZ version. A more precise grid of the main sheets covering the British sector.


Great War period documents

Report on Survey on the Western Front 1914-1918 by Col. E. M. Jack:- Transcribed version or as scanned.

British Survey on the Western Front by Lt. Col. H. S. L. Winterbotham. Transcribed version.

Maps and Artillery Boards:- A pamphlet issued by the British General Staff, December, 1916. PDF version

To Construct a Fighting Map:- Instructions produced by the GHQ Machine Gun School. Version as scanned. or a transcribed version.

Manual of Map of Reading and Field Sketching, 1912 with additions of 1914:- Transcribed version




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