General Sir Douglas Haig's Trench Raid Map

The list below of 225 raids was re-typed from one of General Haig's maps, numbered H44.

It shows the front from Ypres down to the Somme with details of trench raids North of the main attack area and consists of 3 sheets, 1:100,000 from the GSGS 2364 series, un-layered:- sheet 5a:- Hazebrouck, sheet 11:- Lens and sheet 17:- Amiens, glued together, hiding the sheet date of the top two sheets, the Amiens sheet is dated War Office October 1915 and Ordnance Survey 1916. The exact date of the map or its updates is not clear but is thought to be August or September 1916.

Glued onto the map are details of the results of 225 raids, both Allied and German. Each raid is described on a strip of paper glued to the map as per the example below. These strips form several layers making some of them hard to read. Many also obscure the annotated* map below, (some of the information shown below was determined by shining a torch light through the back of the map to reveal the text in different paper layers). Also glued to the base map are summary sheets of planned raids for First and Second Armies.

The strips were cut from typed sheets, in some cases the symbol ( " " ) was used to denote "same as row above" but as the row above no longer exists, cannot be taken as the same as the strip above. Sadly this means that piece of information is lost from this map.

Many of the strips are glued onto top of others, so a photograph or scan of the assembly does not show most of the information. To make all of the information available, the details have been retyped and are listed below. An informal system of "layers" has been adopted here (i.e. it is not marked as such on the map), layer 1 means the strip is glued onto the map or summary sheet directly, layer 2 is on top of that etc. This system cannot to relied upon to exactly reproduce how the map is assembled as some strips are glued in a less that systematic fashion.

Abbreviations have been kept as per the original. Dates are often given as 1st/2nd without the month, some are in brackets, some not, these differences in presentation have been preserved in this document as have the inconsistent month abbreviations, spellings etc.

*Underneath the strips, the map shows the front line and a series of annotations and arrows showing individual raids. Some have a capital letter linking it to information glued to the map. Also shown are army and corps areas, and the numbers of gas bottes and cylinders along the front. The way that some of the strips are glued to the map makes reading these annotations very difficult or impossible without strong backlighting.

Example of strips glued to base map.

Assembly with strips held back to reveal map below.

Click for larger version.


Detail with strips held back to show map beneath

Summary sheet 1 (as glued to base map)

Date Letter on Map Operation
Z-5   Wire cutting at selected points on the front of each Corps
Z-4 B Smoke emission, advancing forward, trench line and artillery registration in XIV Corps area. Raid, 20th Div, XIV Corps.
"" C 2 Raids, I ANZAC Corps.
Z-3 D Wire cutting, Canadian Corps
"" E 2 raids, 50th Div, V Corps. (Each 2 officers and 20-25 other ranks)
"" F Raid I ANZAC Corps.
Z-2 G Wire cutting, smoke emission, advancing trenches and artillery registration in XIV Corps area.
"" H Wire cutting V Corps.
Z-1 J Raids, 24th Division, V Corps. (Gas)
"" K Raid I ANZAC Corps.
Z L Raid, 20th Division, XIV Corps. (Gas)
Z M Raid, I ANZAC Corps. (Gas)
Z+1 N Wire cutting, V Corps.
"" O 2 raids, wire cutting, 41st Division V Corps.
Z+2 P Wire cutting and raid, Canadian Corps.
"" Q Raid, I ANZAC Corps.
Z+3 R Smoke and gas, artillery registration. Raid, Guards Division
"" S Raid, I ANZAC Corps.

At the bottom of this sheet, the paper is torn through the typed date, the tops of the numbers are visible but the date is only partly readable.
It shows 20/M/YYYY were M has a round top like 8 or 9. The year, YYYY does not show enough detail to read but a handwritten note on the back of the whole maps shows 1916 so it is likely the date is 20/8/1916 or 20/9/1916.

Date on torn edge

Summary sheet 2 (as glued on top of raid strips)

[Items in square brackets are not on original]

Secret   Key to First Army Operations
Date Letter on Map  
Z-5 A Wire cutting at various points.
Z-4 B Continue with wire cutting. Gas and smoke attack between Loos and Quarries
"" C Raid 1st Division (I Corps)
Z-3 D Raid, 2nd. Division (IV Corps). Continue wire cutting on front of 47th Division
  E Raid 15th Division (I Corps) (smoke)
  F Raid 16th Division (I Corps) (smoke and mine)
  G Raid 61st. (XI Corps)
Z-2 H 2 raids, 47th Division (IV Corps) (gas and smoke)
  J Raid 33rd Division (XI Corps) (mine)
Z-1 K Raid, 61st Division (XI Corps)
Z L Raid 15th Division (I Corps) (smoke and mine)
Z+1 M Raid 1st Division (I Corps) to capture and hold enemy's front line trenches at the Triangle.
  N 39th Division (XI Corps) attack to capture and hold enemy's trenches at Boar’s Head (smoke)
Z+2 O Raid, 2nd Division (IV Corps)
  P Raid 33rd Division (XI Corps)
Z+3   Smoke between railway E. of Calonne and Hohenzollern Redoubt, in conjunction with bombardment.
Z+4 Q Raid 47th Division (IV Corps)
  S Raid 39th Division (XI Corps)
Z+5   Gas and smoke attack between Loos and Quarries, in conjunction with :-
    [letter T at bottom right-hand side of page]

[Second page]

  T Raid 16th Division (I Corps)
  U Raid 15th Division (I Corps)
  V Raid 61st Division (XI Corps)
Z+6   Raid 1st Division (I Corps) Point not yet selected
  W Raid 33rd Division (XI Corps) (smoke)
Z+7   Raid 2nd Division (IV Corps) Point not yet selected
  X Raid 16th Division (I Corps)
Z+8 Y Raid 39th Division
Z+9 BB Raid 47th Division (IV Corps)
  CC Raid 39th Division (XI Corps)
Z+10   Gas and smoke demonstration in conjunction with bombardments on 47th Division front
  DD Raid 61st Division (XI Corps)
Z+11 EE Raid 39th Division (XI Corps)

The strips, details of the 225 raids.

The "layer" does not appear on the strips or the map, see explanation above.
Letter on map matches letters on the map indicating position. Also see summary sheets.
Place is sometimes referred to by unit, presumably the known whereabouts of the unit on the given date.
Date is as typed on the strip, no interpretation is given.

Layer Letter on map Place Date Detail
1       Guards Div. (6/7th) Attempted raid but were unable to reach objective owing to strong hostile working parties
1       Extra. Morteldje-C 15c. 1st/2nd. Established and consolidated 2 posts in captured enemy's saps. Enemy shelled us but made no counter-attack. Our casualties slight. 3 Germans and 2 prisoners taken.
2   28 C.14.a 9.1 (28th/29th Sept) Raid successful, several Germans killed.
1       Morteldje (6th/7th) One prisoner 238th Regiment captured
2   28 C.22.a (15th/16th Sept.) Raiding party failed to enter enemy's trenches.
3   28 C.22.a.0.8 (29/30th Sept) Enemy withdrew before raiders arrived, no enemy found.
2   28 C.14.a.7.1 2nd/3rd German trench entered, enemy casualties reported heavy. 2 prisoners taken (240th Reserve Regt.). Our causalities about 15.
1 B C.29.a.8.2   German trenches much damaged and believed heavy casualties inflicted. 5 prisoners taken, our casualties slight.
3     (8th/9th) Between Bellewaarde Lake and Yser Canal. Enemy discharged gas on front of left brigades of 29th and 4th Divisions. Raids followed but did not succeed in entering our trenches.
4   28 C.29.a.3.9 (30th Sept/1st Oct) 12 prisoners taken and several dead Germans seen.
1 L I.2.d.6.8 (29th/30th) Party entered trenches just south of Bellewaarde farm. Trenches much damaged. Five prisoners. Our casualties slight and enemy's retaliation feeble.
2 L I.12.d.6.8 (29th/30th) Party entered trenches just south of Bellewaarde farm. Trenches much damaged. 13 prisoners by 6th KLSI. German casualties in addition estimated 80 of who 25 killed. Our casualties killed, 4, wounded 6.
3   S. of Ypres/Roulers railway and opposite Ontario Farm (31/1) We discharged gas. Enemy opened heavy machine gun fire but artillery retaliation weak. Patrols unable to penetrate but believed left portion of Northern discharge was complete surprise.
1   28 I.18b.4.1 (8th/9th) 2 wounded prisoners taken. (119th Regt.)
2   28 I.12.a1.4 (30th Sept./1st Oct) Raid successful but no prisoners taken.
1   S. of Armagh Wood   Bombing raid found trench heavily manned but killed 6 Germans.
2   Verbranden Molen Tor Top (12th) After heavy bombardment, three parties of Germs attacked; 2 were driven back the third got into one of our trenches, but was quickly driven out.
3   I.34.b.4.0 and I.34.d.3.7 (30th Sept/1st Oct) Two raids by 1st Australian Division. Eight Germans killed and one prisoner taken.
1   Mount Sorrel (8th/9th) Unsuccessful. Very heavy wire hidden in front of German line, also a bombing trench behind it.
2   28 N.30.c and 36.d " " Two raids made, 2 prisoners taken.
3   O.1.a (20/21st Sept) Small party of 5th Australian Divn. Entered hostile trenches but were strongly opposed and failed to obtain identifications.
1   East of St. Eloi, near Quarante 28/29th Patrols from 2nd Canadian Division entered enemy's trenches. Dug-outs bombed with good results, no identifications yet received.
2   O.2.c.4.0 5th-6th Party 27th Canadians entered German trenches. 11 Germans reported killed and others wounded.
3   O.3.c.8.5 (10th/11th) Party of 28th Canadian Battalion entered enemy's trenches and brought back wounded prisoners of 74th Regiment.
1 P Just S. of Ypres-Comines Canal 30th/1st Entered trenches, found only three Germans of whom they wou(unreadable)
2   O.8.a 13th/14th Enemy's trenches raided; one unwounded prisoner 214th Regt. Taken
3   SE of St. Eloi O.8.a.3.8½ 8/9th Septr. Two officers wounded on German wire. Party proceeded to bring them in later in day, but found they been moved.
4   St. Eloi (Crater no.2). 28 O.2.c.5.1 16/17th Sept. 2 raids made, 1 machine-gun and 8 prisoners captured.
5   N.6.c.5.4 (30th Sept/1St Oct) One prisoner taken by raiding party of 5th Australian Divn.
3   28 O.3.b.6.0 (16th/17th Sept) Raid failed to penetrate trenches owing to strong bombing attack.
4   S. of St. Eloi 27th/28th Sept Raiding party of 4th Australian Division entered trench and bombed enemy.
4   28 N.24.c.7.1 (16th/17th Sept) 3 prisoners and 10 Germans killed
1   Just S. of Ypres Comines Canal (14/15th) Patrol of 2nd Canadian Division engaged German party in hand to hand fighting and obtained one wounded prisoner (since died). No casualties on our side. Two patrols attacked hostile patrol of 10 near Mount Sorrel, killing 6.
2   S of St. Eloi (26th/27th) Raiding party from 4th Canadian Bde. Found enemy's front line unoccupied. Unable to reach second line which was heavily manned.
3   Near St. Eloi (15/16th) Dummy raid by 2nd Canadian Division. Enemy bombarded his own trenches and bombed his own wire.
4   28 O.7.b.5.4 and 5.9 and N.12.d.3.1 (16/17th Sept) 3 raids about 20 Germans killed and 11 prisoners taken.
5   S. of St. Eloi. 28 O.7.b.9.2 (30th Sept/1st Oct) Two raids by 4th Australian Division, both successful, one prisoner taken.
6   N.36.d.7.2 to 6.4 30th Sept/1st Oct Raiding party bombed their way into enemy's trenches. One M.G., rifles and equipment brought in and 38 hostile casualties reported.
2   S. of St. Eloi (6th/7th) Small raid found enemy's trenches empty.
1   N.24.a.6.8 (9th/10th) (50th Div) Party raided crater which was manned by about 50 of enemy. Party killed at least 15 and brought back prisoner (215 Reserve Regt.)
2   Opposite Hollandscheschuur (23/24th) Small German patrol entered unoccupied portion of one of our trenches but was promptly driven out.
3   N.36.d.7.0 (30th Sept/ 1st Oct) Raiding party reached enemy's trenches which were held in strength. Raid not successful.
1 E N.24.a. 26/27th Failed owing to our artillery barrage being short. One officer and one man entered enemy's trench and shot one German but were obliged by our artillery fire, to return.
1 J (3 points) west of Messines (28/29th) All succeeded in entering enemy trenches, total prisoners 7, our casualties slight.
2       24th Division raid succeed entering enemy's trenches. No prisoners taken. Enemy retaliation feeble.
2   U.2.c.5.9 (30th Sept/1st Oct) Bomb accident prior raid prevented raid taking place.
1   Le Gheer (26/27th) One coy. of 124th Bde. Germans found ready in front of their wire, about 30 Germans killed. Front trenches full of dead from bombardment. Tried to bomb onto support trench but it was heavily manned so party retired. Unable to take prisoners.
2   U.15.d.8.6 (30th Sept/1st Oct) Enemy's trenches not strongly held. 20 Germans killed.
2   28 U.15. " " Successful, 8 enemy killed
3   28 U.22.c " " 5 prisoners taken, twelve killed.
1 O S of Le Gheer 30th/1st Carried out by 4 parties. First killed sole occupant of trench, second found trench unoccupied, third failed to enter and fourth held up by un-cut wire.
2   36 C.29.a ( " ") Two raids made, one not successful, the other took one prisoner who was subsequently killed.
3   36 C.4 ( " ") Unsuccessful owing to heavy hostile fire.
1   28 U.22.C.3.4 (9th/10th) (41st Divn.) Party bombed machine gun team, killing officer, then retired owing to shell fire, taking machine gun which was abandoned in shell hole.
2   C.29.c.4.2-U.8.d.2.5 (30/31) Gas discharge. Enemy barraged our front trenches preventing advance of patrols to investigate.
1   41st Division. (12/13th) 18th K.R.R.C got through enemy wire but sentry gave alarm. Party met by heavy rifle, m.g. and shrapnel fire and forced to withdraw. A few men reached enemy's parapet and threw bombs into trench. About 16 casualties.
2   41st Division (15/16th) Raid did not succeed in entering trenches. Party held up by wire and machine guns.
1   Near le Touquet (26/27th) One Coy. 123rd Bde. Heavy hostile barrage. Only few succeeded in entering trench.
2     30/31 Add to gas discharge. Patrol of right brigade, 23rd Division, entered enemy trench bayoneting sentry. Many bodies seen in trench. Party threw bombs till driven back by weight of numbers. Left party bombed trench but did not enter as enemy standing to.
1   C.23.c (9th/10th) ANZAC party reached enemy's wire which was uncut. Party withdrew. Our casualties, killed one, wounded five.
    (2) C.29.a.4.2   Killed several Germans; blew up mine shaft pumps; brought back 9 prisoners of 133rd Regt. Our casualties 8 wounded.
2   North of Armentieres/Lille Railway (19/20th) Raiding party 1st New Zealand Brigade found trenches empty.
1   I.16.b&d 1st/2nd 1st Wellington Battalion (N.Z.). 10 prisoners taken, Germans killed estimated at 20. Our casualties: killed 1, other rank, wounded 1 officer, 1 other rank.
2     11/12th N.Z. Division. Failed to enter hostile trenches owing to wire not being cut.
3   East of Armentieres 12th/13th New Zealand troops entered enemy's trenches. One German killed, one prisoner and one machine gun captured.
4   Astride Armentieres/Lille Railway (4th/5th) Gas successfully liberated on a front of about 600 yards.
4   Between Rue du Bois and Armentieres/Lille road (14/15th) Dummy raid by 18th Division with good results, great commotion in enemy's trenches.
2   II ANZACs (14/15th) Party entered hostile trenches which were found much damaged. Traces of dead Germans found, but no other enemy met.
3   Rue du Bois salient (19/20th) About 20 Germans raided our trenches but were driven out. 1 killed and 2 prisoners taken.
4   36.I.11.a ( " ") One prisoner taken and 50 of enemy believed killed.
1 M I.21.b.1.0 29/30th Raided by 6th Australian Brigade at three points near Rue du Bois. Five prisoners. Later: Right and centre parties met strong opposition and had no time to take prisoners. Enemy killed estimated at 80 including 2 officers. Our casualties, 7 killed, wounded 15, all brought in.
2   I.21.c (19/20th) 3rd New Zealand Brigade successfully raided trenches, but were unable to take prisoners. Many Germans killed.
1   S.E. of Fleurbaix (28/29) Raid by 5th Australian Division unable to penetrate enemy's line owing to inner circle of uncut wire.
2   36.O.1.d (15/16th Septr.) Raiding party found hostile trenches and dug-outs demolished buy our fire, only 1 dead German found.
3   36.I.16.d ( " ") Raid failed owing to wire not being cut.
4   36.I.31.d, I.16.d (30th Sept-1st Oct.) Two raids by 34th Division. Both successful. One prisoner taken.
1 F I.32.c.1.9   Four prisoners taken, 230th Res. Regt. Enemy casualties estimated 60, 1 machine gun destroyed. Our casualties, wounded 1 officer and 12 other ranks; missing 1 other rank.
1 S A.3.b.3.5 3rd/4th 2 Coys. 16th Rifle Brigade entered hostile trench and penetrated to support line remaining one hour in enemy trenches. One machine gun emplacement blown up and 10 Germans killed.
2   A.3.d.5.4 3rd/4th 17th Notts & Derbys made a raid, 12 Germans killed.
2 K N.10.b.9.4 (28/29th) 1st Australian Brigade, 10-15 Germans killed, and 2 prisoners. Our casualties slight.
3   S.E. of Bois Grenier (6th/7th) Enemy opened heavy trench mortar barrage on our front trenches and small hostile parties attempted to reach our parapet, but none succeeded.
4   Substitute for S.E. of Bois Grenier (19/20th) 5th Australian Div. raid met little opposition. Effect of our bombardment considerable. Machine gun captured. Some Germans dead found. A few bayoneted and bombed in dug-outs.
5   N.14.a.5.0 (7/8th ") Small party 2/8th Warwick's exploded Bangalore Torpedo in enemy's wire and attempted to enter trenches. They were met by strong hostile party and returned after fight at close quarters. Party report seeing 3 Germans dead.
6   N.13.d.0.3 (9/10th ") Patrol of 2 officers and 14 other ranks attempted to enter enemy trenches. Party met in "No Man's Land" by party of Germans. 1 officer and 8 other ranks missing. Enemy machine gun fire very heavy, and some of missing thought to be casualties.
7   36.N.11.a.4.6 (16/17th Sept.) 2 prisoners and some equipment taken. 12 German dead counted.
8   M.26.c (10/11th ") 1 prisoner 103rd Res. Regt. captured. Our casualties 2 wounded.
1 Q N.10.d.2.9 1st/2nd 9th Australian Battalion entered trenches three places, one officer and 20 other ranks taken prisoner. 2 machine guns taken, one trench mortar believed taken, German casualties estimated 40 killed. Our casualties: killed 1 officer, 5 other ranks, wounded 2 officers, 15 other ranks.
2 Q N.10.d.2.8 2nd/3rd 2 parties entered German trenches; considerable opposition and unable to bring back prisoners. Enemy casualties estimated at least 50.
3   N.19.a.3.8 (7th/8th) Party attempted to enter hostile trenches but found enemy working on his parapet protected by strong covering party. Our party withdrew under cover of machine gun fire and trench mortar fire. Enemy reported to have lost heavily.
4   M.30.a (7th/8th) Enemy blew mine, causing 40-50 casualties to 5th Warwick's. Hostile attack by about 1 company and was driven off. Enemy losses reported heavy, two dead Germans of whom one is an officer inside our wire.
5   M.36.c.1.9 (18/19th) Patrol visited crater and blew up hostile wire.
6   M.6.c.2.6 (20/21st) In conjunction with mine, 3 parties raided German trenches. Two were unsuccessful but third entered enemy trenches. No identifications made.
7   M.21.a (22-23rd) Raiding party captured wounded man 21st Bavarian Regt.
8   N.14.c.3.8 (19/20th) One company 4th Oxfords reached enemy's parapet, and, after bombing encounter retired. Later, one company 5th Gloucester's advanced at same place and succeeded in rushing enemy trench. Enemy ran away, and 100 yards of his trench were cleared, some Germans being killed with bombs and bayonet.
9   M.30.a.7.5 (8/9th ") Main party unsuccessful, but party of 1 officer and 16 men entered enemy trenches. This party met by 20 Germans of whom a good many were killed or wounded. One prisoner taken, but he resisted and had to be killed.
10   Neuve Chapelle Sector 925/26th Sept.) Small raiding party held up by failure of Bangalore Torpedo to explode and returned after bombing hostile trenches.
11   N.13.c.6.9 (1/2nd Oct) Twenty Germans estimated killed, one prisoner captured. No mine shafts discovered but dug-out and occupants blown up by mobile charge. Our casualties nil.
1 K S.5.b 28/29th Found wire had been partially mended, after check fierce struggle on enemy's parapet. Bomb fighting for 45 minutes. Enemy reported to have suffered heavily. Most of our casualties brought back.
2   M.33.a.5.6 zzzS.5.c.4.5zzz(N&S of Neuve Chapelle) (27/28th) Germans made raids on our trenches. We had about 3 officers and 30 other ranks (West Yorks) missing, 3 wounded Germans captured, 65 dead definitely counted of whom 22 were brought in and buried.
3   Fme. Du Bois (7/8th ") 13th East Yorks attempted raid. Hand to hand fighting with enemy covering party in "No Man's Land". Enemy casualties severe, ours slight, one dead German brought in.
4   M.36.c (24/25th) Party entered trenches killing some Germans. Our casualties, 10 O.R. wounded.
2   S.E. of Richebourg l'Avoue (18/19th Sept.) Three successful raids, enemy trenches entered in 3 places and about 20 Germans killed. 9 prisoners taken belonging to 104th Regt. Portion of hostile machine-gun brought in. Our casualties very slight.
1 E of Richebourg l'Avoue (31/1) Attempted raid did not succeed owing to Bangalore torpedo failing to explode.
1 U S.16.a.4.6 to S.10.d.1.4 29/30th Right battalion reached support line and left battalion believed to have done the same. Four prisoners. Enemy artillery fire heavy.
2 N S.16.a.4.6 to S.10.d.1.4 29th/30th 116th Brigade attacked. Right battalion reached German second line and stayed some time. Left battalion only succeeded in getting small parties in. Withdrew to original front line. Heavy artillery fire from behind Bois du Biez. German casualties estimated at least 1000 (G.O.C, XI Corps). Our casualties about 900.
3   A.3.d. (30/31st) 14th Hants. attempted to raid enemy trenches. Raid did not succeed in entering enemy's trench owing to failure of Bangalore Torpedo to cut the wire.
4   Givenchy-Lez La Bassee (4th/5th0 Party of 19th Liverpools attempted to enter enemy's trenches, were held up by second line of wire on enemy parapet. Our casualties 3. No identification obtained.
2   Givenchy sector (12/13th ") We attempted raid, no identification obtained.
5   Cuinchy (6th/7th Septr.) Attempted raid against enemy's trenches failed owing to enemy being found on the alert.
1   A.9.b.3.4. (5th/6th) In conjunction with mine, two raids by 2nd R. Welsh Fusiliers. Subsidiary raid captured and blew in hostile sap and brought back two dead Germans. Main raid took trench mortar and machine gun, and made 40 prisoners. Our casualties slight.
2   A.21.d.7.3 (26t) Enemy twice made a bombing attack of one of our saps but was driven off each time.
3   G.5.c (24/25th) 10 men entered German trenches killing 1 officer and wounding several men. 1 prisoner, 76th Reserve Regiment taken.
4   Cambrin Sector A.28 (7th/8th ") Attempted raid failed to enter owing to enemy machine gun fire.
1   Near Givenchy lez la Bassee (31/1) One company Sherwood Foresters raided enemy trenches and remained there 1½ hours. Severe retaliation and fighting. No prisoners taken.
2   G.4.d.7.5 (12th/13th) After hostile bombardment enemy attempted to raid our trenches, but was repulsed with rifle and machine gun fire. Four wounded prisoners, 23rd Bavarian Regt. taken.
3   G.11.a.9.9 (20/21st) Party of enemy raided our trenches. Our casualties 2 killed, 8 missing (1st Royal Irish Rifles).
4   G.4. (23/24th) After bombardment enemy attempted raid but did not reach our trenches.
5   A.21.b (7/87th ") Our troops entered enemy front line and found of full of wire. No identification obtained.
6   G.4.b (8/9th ") One party held up, another got in but found no enemy, the third got one prisoner who had to be killed as he could not be got over parapet. Some Germans known to be killed and 2 dug-outs bombed
7   A.28.c (10/11th " ) Four prisoners, 162nd Regt. Captured. Our casualties: wounded 7.
3   G.12 & G.18 (24/25th) 3 companies attempted raid but failed owing to hostile barrage.
4   G.12.d (15/16th Septr.) Raid failed owing to thickness of enemy wire in spite of 2 attempts.
5   N. of Hohenzollern Redoubt (24/25th Sept.) Raiding party found only wired in sentry posts which were bombed and casualties inflicted.
1 J A.28.c.9.1   By 9th Highland Inf. 46 prisoners and 2 machine guns captured, 2 mine shafts destroyed. Our casualties, wounded 2.
2   A.21.d 1st/2nd Extra. (33rd Div.) Blew mines Only few of party entered hostile trenches. Our casualties:- missing 2 officers and 9 other ranks, wounded 20 other ranks.
3   A.27.b (17/18th) Enemy attempted to enter our trenches but were driven off leaving one prisoner.
4   G.11.b (6th/7th) We attempted two small raids, first failed owing to activity of enemy bombers. Second reached enemy trench and rifled a bomb store and returned.
5   Near Hulluch and Auchy (4th/5th) Small raids unsuccessful owing to enemy's vigilance.
6   E. of Cuinchy ( "" ) Successful raid, only German encountered was killed, he belonged to 139th Res. Regt.
1 P A.28.c.2.8 1st/2nd Party remained in enemy's trenches 70 minutes. Blew up three mine shafts and 2 machine gun emplacements. 10 prisoners brought in. Our casualties, 1 other rank killed, 25 wounded.
2   G.4.b (10th/11th) Raid inflicted considerable damage and loss on the enemy, one officer and one man (23rd. Bavarian Regt.) taken prisoner.
3   G.4.b & a.28.c (29/30th) Germans attempted raid but did not get further than wire opposite A.28.c. Enemy entered front trench at G.4.b. but was speedily ejected. 5 other ranks Yorks and 16 other ranks R.B. reported missing.
4   A.28.c.1.6 (29/30t) About 30 Germans attacked one of our saps opposite Auchy. Party dispersed by rifle fire but blew up one of our mine shafts killing 4 miners.
5   Hohenzollern (29/30) Enemy patrol attempted to bomb some saps, but was driven off by Lewis guns.
6   Hohenzollern sector (19/20th Sept.) Party entered German trenches and inflicted some casualties but took no prisoners.
4   H.13 (31/1) Three strong patrols successfully destroyed enemy's wire by means of Bangalore torpedo. Enemy found very alert but front line trenches and saps successfully bombed. Our casualties slight.
5   H.13.c.6.4 & H.19.c.9.8 (20/21st) After discharging gas along front Puits 14 BIS and Cite St. Elie two patrols attempted to enter enemy's trenches under cover of smoke. Both attempts failed.
1 E G.12.c & d   Failed owing to wire uncut. 15 wounded.
2   G.12.c (16/17th) Small patrol entered enemy trenches and bombed occupants.
1 U H.13.c.5.1 (4th/5th) Raid on enemy's trenches of Hulloch. Dug-outs bombed and destroyed, and 2 prisoners taken (5th Bavarian Regt.). Our casualties 12 O.R. wounded.
2   H.19.d.2.1 (9th/10th) 8th Dublin Fusiliers, remained in trenches half an hour and bombed dug-outs. No enemy met in front trenches, but they fired rifle grenades from support lines. Our casualties 3 wounded.
3   South of Hulloch (18/19th) 8th Munster Fusiliers found enemy trenches strongly held and could not enter.
4   Puis 14 BIS (28/29th) Our patrols attempted to raid enemy's trenches in 3 places where wire had been destroyed. Enemy on alert but trenches entered at one point and six Germans killed.
5   H.25.b.5.3 (29/30th) 8th Munsters carried out successful raid. One prisoner taken and enemy's casualties reported severe.
1   E. & S.E. of Puis 14 BIS (5th/6th) Attempted raid by 16th Division held up by wire of second line and failed. Difficulties increased by enemy using searchlights.
2   S.E. of Loos (15/16th) In conjunction with mine explosion, our troops raided enemy trenches. One prisoner captured, and near lip of crater consolidated.
2   E. of Loos (21/22nd) Strong enemy working party engaged by 1st Munsters and dispersed with bombs.
3   H.31.d (22-23rd) Small raiding patrol unable to penetrate German wire.
4   H.31.c (3rd/4th) Raiding party destroyed hostile mine-shaft east of Loos. Another party that went out just south of Loos Crassier found wire insufficiently cut.
5   N. of Loos (16-17th Sept.) Attempted raid failed to get through the wire.
5   Loos sector (26/27th Sept.) Small party entered enemy trench and found it unoccupied. No identification made.
5   N.W of Loos Crassier ( " ") Raid entered enemy trenches and brought back a body.
1 F M.6.c   2 large mines successfully exploded. Many killed, 1 prisoner (72nd Regt.) Few casualties.
2   W. of Loos Crassier (24-25th Sept.) Raid failed to enter enemy trenches.
1 M M.4.d (triangle) 30th/1st Our troops held enemy trenches for some time but were forced to withdraw. 16 prisoners (26th Regt.) taken, and hostile mine shafts destroyed. Our casualties considerable
2   S. of Loos and near Fauquissart (20/21st) Raiding parties failed owing to machine-gun fire.
3   E. of Double Crassier (20/21st Sept.) Small raid entered enemy's sap, but no identification obtained as enemy ran away.
4   S.W. of Loos (17/18th Sept) Enemy tried to enter one of our saps, but was driven off.
1 C M.15.d   Estimated more than 20 Germans killed. Number of rifles and equipment brought back. Our casualties:- killed 2 officers, and 1 other rank, wounded 2 officers and 20 other ranks.
2   M.6.c (10th/11th) Raid south of Harrison's Crater met with considerable opposition. A good many casualties on both sides.
3   M.15.d.4.4 (18/19th) 18th Welsh entered enemy's trenches without opposition. Raiding party very small, returned bringing 3 rifles.
4   Calonne (12th/13th) Raiding party enemy's trenches and killed some Germans. One wounded prisoner 7th Bavarian taken.
1   M.26.a.2.9   Enemy's trenches badly damaged and many killed. Our casualties, 11 missing, 8 wounded.
1   S.2.b 3rd&4th Our troops entered enemy's sap.
2 H M.26.a.2.9   Gas, smoke, and raids. Enemy's trenches very badly damaged and many Germans killed by gas and by raiding parties. Strong opposition from enemy's supports who came up. One party of enemy encountered in open with bayonet and though great efforts made to take prisoners, many had to killed. Identifications prove 31st Res. Regt. (normal). Our casualties: wounded 8, missing 4.
3 BB M.26.c.1.5 (8th/9th) 22nd London Regiment entered trench and bombed dug-outs accounting for considerable number of enemy. After this raid, gas was discharged, and subsequently a second raiding party advanced. Owing to thick smoke and gas, party lost direction and only a few men penetrated enemy's lines. Our casualties slight.
4   M.32.c.9.2 (16/17th) Enemy's trenches deserted, but some material brought in.
4   M.36.c.0.5 (9th/10th) Unsuccessful owing to uncut wire.
5   S.10.d.8.8 (23/24th) 11th Sussex Regt. successfully raided enemy's trenches, inflicting many casualties. No prisoners taken.
6   S.9.a.1.9 (3rd/4th) Small party entered trench but enemy alert and party had to withdraw without taking a prisoner. Our casualties slight.
6   S.14.b.9.3 (9th/10th) Enemy attempted raid but was driven off.
7   S.11.a.2.1 & 3.2 (9/10th ") York & Lancs. Regt. made successful raid. Enemy trenches entered and about 30 killed. No prisoners taken. Our casualties approx., killed 4, wounded 10.
1   S.8.b 7/8 Unsuccessful. No details
2   S.11.a.1.1 (13/14th) 4th Berks. found enemy in strength, but succeeded in entering enemy's trenches.
3   Souchez (4th/5th) Enemy attempted to seize lip of crater in front of Souchez but hostile party repulsed by bombs and rifle fire.
4   S.16.a.7.8 (23/24th) 12th E. Yorks entered enemy's trenches which were deserted.
5   S.15.a.1.2 (24/25th Sept.) Small party entered enemy's trenches: found them unoccupied and returned.
1 D S.15.a   "Momber crater" failed reach enemy trench.
1 O S.15.c.4.2 1st/2nd One prisoner taken. Estimate 40 Germans killed. Our casualties slight.
2   S.22.c.6.6 11/12th 16th Sherwood Foresters entered enemy's trenches, killed two German officers and 12 other ranks: destroyed several dug-outs. No prisoners taken.
1   S.15.c.6.3 3rd/4th Our troops entered enemy's trenches and killed 2 Germans
2   S.28.a.8.9 11/12th 17th KRRC cut two lines of enemy wire, but were stopped by a third line close to parapet. Enemy ready and received party with rifle fire and bombs.
3   S.21.d. (24/25th) Enemy's trenches entered, found empty and badly damaged. No identification secured.
3   S.28.a.5.4 (1/2nd Oct) Raid entered enemy's trenches, no Germans seen, all our party returned.
1   N.E. of Neuville St. Vaast 11/12th 6th Seaforths made bombing attack against enemy post on crater. No identification obtained.
2   S.W. of La Folie Farm (12th/13th) Enemy's trenches raided. Shelters found empty, only two Germans seen
1   S.E. & N.E. of Neuville St. Vaast (10/11th ") Successful raids made. 5 men 184th Regt. and 4 men 122nd Res. Regt. captured. Number also killed. Our casualties slight: 3 missing, 8 wounded.
1   51st Division Night 28/29th Smoke North of Roclincourt
2   800 yards N of Roclincourt (7th/8th) Two parties raided enemy's trenches and succeeded in bombing four dug-outs.
1   A.4.a.9.2 (29/30) Successful raid made. 8 prisoners 183rd Regt made.
2   N. of Roclincourt (20/21st Sept) Raid unsuccessful, but whole of party returned to our trenches.
1   A.22.b.2.5 (28/29) Raid made on enemy's trenches, but no Germans met.
2   A.30.c.4.7 (30/31) Enemy attempted to enter our trenches but was driven back.
1   N. of Scarpe (23/24th) After heavy bombardment, enemy attempted raid but was repulsed by fire. Our trenches much damaged by bombardment.
2   A.31.c.4.7 (30/31) Germans raided our trenches. The enemy captured 15 men. One Stokes gun and 1 Lewis gun.
1   N. of Scarpe (26/27th) 2 prisoners 93rd Regiment captured, 1 since died.
1   Along railway East of Arras (15/16th Septr.) One party entered sap, other held up by wire. No prisoners taken.
1   N. of Ficheux (17/18th Sept) Enemy sap raided but no identification obtained.
1   VI Corps (12/13th) Raids unsuccessful. Enemy very alert.
1   S. of Agny (25/26th Sept) Raid by 12th Division on enemy second line unsuccessful, owing to great quantity of wire in front line and communication trenches. Front trenches unoccupied.
2   S. of Agny (22/23rd Sept) Raiding party found German trench wired and unoccupied.
3   S. of Agny (18/19th Sept) Patrol raided enemy trench but failed to secure an identification.
1   14th Division   Gas was discharged by us at 3-0 p.m. June 27th opposite Beaurains
2   Opposite Ficheux & Beaurains (8/9th Septr) 2 raids carried out. 6 Germans killed in their wire. Papers etc., obtained and enemy's trenches entered. We had not casualties.
3   X.3.b. (21/22nd September) Successful raid carried out. 4 German killed and dug outs bombed. 5 prisoners captured of 62nd Regiment.
1   N. of Ficheux   Party of 7th Liverpools raided enemy's sap. 3 Germans killed, no identification made. Our casualties, wounded 1 officer and 4 other ranks.
2   Beaurain Sector (28/29) Enemy attempted raid
1   55th Division 29th June Gas discharge North of Ficheaux followed by five raids. 5th Lancs. Fusiliers found dead Germans owing to gas. 6th Liverpools entered trenches, drove back a counter-attack, and brought back one prisoner, one trench mortar and one machine gun. 9th Liverpools killed one German.
1   55th Division Ficheux night 29/30th Raiding party entered German trenches, killed six Germans. No prisoners taken.
2   R.29.b.9.5 (19/20th) 8th Northumberland Fusiliers raided enemy sap- one prisoner, 78th Landwehr Regt. brought back, since died.
3   Opposite Ransart (19/20th Sept) 46th Division carried successful raid. 200 yards of trenches were cleared, only 4 Germans seen, and all were killed. Our casualties, 3 wounded.
2   M.5.a.5.8 (9th/10th) Party 6th Lincolns entered enemy's sap and claimed to have killed 8 Germans. 2 corpses brought in.
3   Opposite Berles (12/13th " ) Two prisoners 23rd Regt. captured by 46th Division.
1   7th Corps (12th/13th) Patrol entered enemy's front line in E.23.c. Trench found empty but dug-out bombed, one prisoner captured.
2   N. of Monchy (2/3) 6th S. Staffords (46th Div.) raided enemy's trenches. Four prisoners taken (3 of 63rd Regt and one 51st, attached to 63rd)
1   VII Corps (12/13th) Raid near Monchy failed to reach objective owing to machine gun fire.
2   N.W. of Monchy (3rd/4th) After bombardment party of 20 Germans raided our trenches, but were quickly driven out. No identification obtained.
1   37th Divison Night 28/29th 37th Division carried out three raids under cover of smoke. 7th Liecesters bayoneted many Germans and lost one killed and a few wounded. 6th Liecesters bombed dug-outs and killed two officers and 12 men. Their casualties amounted to four wounded. 13th KRRC had hand to hand encounters and brought back two prisoners.
2   37th Division   Gas was discharged by us at 2-30 p.m. June 27th on Monchy Salient.
1     (5th/6th) 46th Division attempted to enter enemy's trenches at two points but failed to machine gun fire and wire.
2   Opposite Fonquevillers (5th6th) Gas successfully discharged.
1   N. of Hebuterne (16/17th) Two raids. No prisoners taken but some casualties caused.
1   E. of Hebuterne (20/21ST) A Lieutenant 17th Regt. captured by patrol.
2   56th Division Night 28/29th) Patrols entered trenches South of Gommecourt and found them unoccupied and much damaged.
3   E. of Hebuterne (28/29th Sept) Hostile patrol which attempted to reach one of our saps driven off by bombers and Lewis guns.